Saturday 1 July 2017

Comi-Crime ... Humour With Hard Edges

Have I invented a new genre? A sub-genre? Possibly.

The Georgie Crane trilogy comes under the umbrella of what has long been known as 'cosy crime.'
Now doesn't that sound nice? Safe? Arms-length, off-page murder, mentioned in passing, casually, or even in jest. In short, suffering-free slaughter, painless passing, and ALL WITHOUT BLOODSHED!

Which seems all wrong to me. Dressing up death somehow diminishes a life lost, even if it is a fictitious one. There's plenty of darkness in the world, and that should be acknowledged. But bubbling up from the shadows, there is also humour; humanity's saving grace.

Therefore I'm more than happy for comedy to sit alongside tragedy, maybe sharing a pint or a glass of wine over opposing in Comi-Crime.

'Dogsbody' is available from Amazon in e-book format and, coming soon, in paperback..

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