Saturday 16 January 2016

LAUNCHING TODAY - Whistles After Dark - the Introductory Georgia Pattison Mystery

Hi, April Taylor calling in! After a hiatus in my creative writing, I am delighted to announce today the launch of the introductory novella to my contemporary detective, Georgia Pattison. Georgia is an early-music soprano whose musical travels introduce her to all kinds of problems. Problems that her nosy genes impel her to explore.

In this story, Georgia finds herself recovering from an horrific experience on the last night of her European tour playing Alcina. The resultant police investigation leaves her with terrifying memories and her parents decide she should recuperate from her trauma in Whitby where they have a holiday cottage and where smuggling has been an occupation for centuries past.

Georgia almost trips over the body of Melissa, a girl she used to babysit. She is so outraged that her determination to track down the killer and bring him/her to justice knows no bounds. Little does she realise how perilous a decision she has made. Can she stay alive long enough to bring the murderer to book?

In addition, you can read Chapter One of Dearly Ransomed Soul,  the first full-length Georgia Pattison Mystery.

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Saturday 9 January 2016

Sing Me Home at the Promotional Price of 99p

She had the voice of an angel... but it led her to sin. 

Annie Wilkinson’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, has the first novel in the Wilde family series of sagas at the January promotional price of 99p for the ebook edition.

Set in the Durham coalfields close to World War I, Sing Me Home follows 15 year old Ginny Wilde as she forsakes a future of toil and hardship as a miner’s wife for the bright lights of London’s music halls. But fame doesn’t always lead to fortune, and what price love lost? Dare she return to face her family, and the young miner who once offered her so much?

Friday 1 January 2016

Resolutions for Writers - New & Old

It may still be the season to be jolly, but today starts the season to be serious. Here's the (printable) advice members of Hornsea Writers are embracing to help their own 2016 creative onslaughts. May some of it help your own:

Don't forget the basics. You'll never write anything if you don't get the words out - Penny Grubb

Learn the rules of your chosen language, but, once you've mastered them, allow imagination to lead your stories - Stuart Aken

Start as you mean to go on - Annie Wilkinson

Never throw out any writing you haven't found a home for. And read, read, read - Karen Wolfe 

Persevere, and have a target of completing one piece of writing each week: one article, one chapter, one short story - Madeleine McDonald

Defeat the distractions: housework, social media, inner critic, et al, to allow yourself to go with the creative flow - Linda Acaster

Never ever, ever, give up - April Taylor 

And smile - you're a writer!

~ Happy New Year ~