Friday 13 May 2022

Announcing #psychologicalthriller THE FOREVER HOUSE

Member Linda Acaster’s novel, The Forever House, is now available for pre-order via Amazon – global link:

The Forever House is Linda's eleventh title. She has used psychological suspense as an element in other works, but this is her first novel to fully embrace its genre.

Resisting family pressure to sell the too-big house Carrie and her late husband began to renovate, she is determined to carry through their shared project to prove she can manage alone.

And she can, until a discovery beneath old wallpaper chills her to the bone.

As her need to know more becomes all-consuming, Carrie’s family fears she's tipping into irretrievable obsession. Can she be dissuaded, or must she take that final step?

How far is too far to right a wrong? 

Early readers are calling it ...deeply moving... enthralling read...

The novel launches on 30 May in ebook format to purchase, and to read via Kindle Unlimited if a subscriber. A paperback will closely follow.

Asked how the idea for the novel originated:
"Simple. I was decorating, removing old wallpaper, and..."

And...? Ah, that would be telling.

Reserve your copy now:

Okay, if you want to know a bit more, hop across to Linda's website.