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Hi and welcome. I write in just about every genre you can imagine. Okay, that's hyperbole, but I do write the story first and consider genre afterwards. Currently writing some shorter works after publishing my latest novel, a romantic adventure set on an Earth as it may be ten years from now (2021).
I have fourteen books out at present, and my work has appeared in a number of anthologies:

An Excess Of...   Published by Fantastic Books Publishing and released in digital and paperback formats 25th October 2021
When six strangers escape a shipwreck and land on a deserted tropical island, who will survive and manage to return to a world made unrecognisable by Covid and climate change?

Blood Red Dust: Generation Mars, Book 1. Published by Fantastic Books Publishing and released 19th November 2016.
As Earth plunges into total climate chaos, will new bases on Mars rescue humanity from extinction when religious extremists threaten to destroy them?

War Over Dust: Generation Mars, Book 2. Published by Fantastic Books Publishing and released 1st August 2017.
Who will win on Mars when violence overcomes diplomacy to let envy and self-interest pit peaceful scientists against corrupt profiteers?

Return to Dust: Generation Mars, Book 3. Published by Fantastic Books Publishing and released 1st September 2018.
Artificial Intelligence faithfully served the community on Mars for centuries but when it becomes vastly superior to its masters will it still obey them?

A Seared Sky; Joinings - book 1 of the epic trilogy
An ill-timed omen sends a malicious leader on a hazardous quest that will change everyone it touches.

A Seared Sky; Partings - book 2 of the epic trilogy
Mistake follows mistake, and a despotic leader is determined to finish a quest that promises reward for him but risks disaster for all.

A Seared Sky; Convergence - book 3 of the epic trilogy: all published by Fantastic Books Publishing and available either individually or as a set.
The entire world is in danger and one woman must face the ultimate sacrifice in order to save it.

The Methuselah Strain, a science fiction novelette, published by Fantastic Books Publishing
Finding a suitable life partner from the remnants of mankind isn’t easy for Luce, especially when she discovers automation tempts men more than flesh.

M.E. and me; Chronic Fatigue: My Recovery After 10 Years - a personal memoir of my time with the condition and a manual of help for sufferers, helpers and friends and relatives of victims.
ME/CFS is a much-misunderstood but devastating condition. Recovered author, Stuart Aken, provides insight, help, advice and hope for those affected.

Breaking Faith, a romantic thriller novel.
When innocent Faith places herself in the hands of local glamour photographer, Leigh, she has no idea how dangerous life is about to become for her.

Ten Love Tales, an anthology of gentle love stories.
You’ll find humour, romance, love and joy here; but if you want erotica, this collection isn’t the place for it. These stories leave you with a warm glow and a smile.

But, Baby, It's Cold Outside, a free seasonal short story.
A free seasonal short story to bring some cheer into the cold, grey winter.

Ten Tales For Tomorrow, a collection of speculative and mostly dark short fiction.
Stories to entertain and leave you with questions. Mostly dark science fiction and fantasy, but there’s lightness and humour, too.

Sensuous Touches, an erotic anthology.
This mix will take you to exotic places, drown you in sensation, make you laugh just enough; surprise, tease and satisfy you.

Heir To Death's Folly, a short gothic horror piece.
An old murder rediscovered on a search for illicit treasure leads to terror and death in the dark.  

The covers are featured in the side column to the left, and you can access the books by clicking on those images, no matter where in the world you reside. Enjoy the read!

At the request of Fantastic Books Publishing, my short story, Rebirth, is included as a professional example, in Fusion, an anthology of winners from a speculative fiction contest. My short story, Hybrid Dreams, is similarly included in the science fiction anthology, Synthesis. And my short story, Ouija, is one of the 33 Fantables (stories of exactly 666 words) in the horror anthology, 666, all available via the publisher or through the usual book retailers.

I also have work published in Northern Short Stories; Vol 5, Epigraphs; the Anthological Poets, and To Hull and Back 2015 Anthology. And I was invited to write the Foreword to Kathy Stienemann's The Writer's Lexicon.

You can discover much more on my personal blog, which you'll find if you click here


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