Saturday 25 June 2016

Beverley Folk Festival

The 2016 Beverley Folk Festival was held the weekend of 17-19th June 2016 on Beverley racecourse.

It is a packed annual festival of music, dance and crafts, with a diverse array of hands-on workshops from ukulele playing, to step dance; harmony singing to working a potter’s wheel. And as befits a quality festival, it also features a wide selection of superb freshly cooked food from a variety food stalls.

This year a new section was launched. Words on the Westwood brought poets and authors together to give readings and talk about their work. One of the invited speakers was Hornsea Writer Penny Grubb, who said of the event, ‘It was awesome. This was the first time we’d been but it won’t be the last.’

Saturday 18 June 2016

Holiday Reading Afloat?

Is bigger automatically better?

Not where libraries in cruise ships are concerned. Contemplating an article in the Washington Post recently, on her own website HERE Linda Acaster adds her two penn'th on holiday reading afloat. 

Does a cruise ship's clientele use, or even need, a ship's library? Shush. The answer might be more old-school than you think.