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England is not a big country; the East Riding of Yorkshire one rural corner of it, and Hornsea a small seaside town with a difference: its wealth of gifted writers.

Twenty-five years ago, Hornsea Writers was born, conceived out of unchannelled creativity, raw talent and a burning desire to write. Some of its founders were already published, some inexperienced, others literary wannabes. Yet it came together and grew strong.

Over the years, this group of professional writers has enjoyed unparalleled success in virtually every genre: Crime, Thrillers, Alternative History, Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Humour, Horror, SF, Western, Teenage, and Creative Non-fiction. Hornsea Writers has produced novels, how-to books, short stories, stage plays, radio plays and stories for broadcast, along with newspaper and magazine articles on everything from family matters to travel – and A Sackful of Shorts, an introductory anthology of members’ short fiction.

As well as numerous writing-contest successes, members have collected national and international prizes: the CWA Debut Dagger, a nomination for the John Creasey Dagger, the RNA New Writers’ Award, the BBC Radio 4 Northern Writers’ Groups short story competitions, and the Radio Times Drama Award.

Twenty-five years on, the group’s purpose remains the same: mutual support, with constructive feedback and exchange of information. There is no committee, no rigid format, no hierarchy. It meets weekly, barring Christmas and plague. Competent, published writers with work-in-progress might benefit from membership, but Hornsea Writers does not have the resources to advise beginners, and is therefore an invitation-only group.

For those who wish to follow our short announcements with ease, there is a 'Follow By Email' box and a 'Search This Site' box lurking at the bottom of the Homepage alongside the 'Blog Archive' list.

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