Friday 31 March 2023

Hornsea Writer, April Taylor, On Writing

Give me a 3-word summary of what you will be doing, writing-wise, in the coming year.

Reissues. New series. Non-fiction


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Dangers of Destiny – the all-new first book in the Tudor alternate-history-crime series, formerly published by Harlequin, will be published by March 2023. The other books in the series will be edited and re-issued throughout the year.

Series title will be The Luke Ballard Chronicles.

New series – current working title: The Guisborough Guardian.


The theme for the series is: Darkness cannot claim what the light refuses to surrender.

Catalogue of Evil is the first in the series. An historical crime novel set in 1971. The action centres around the market town of Guisborough in North Yorkshire. A series of young adult girls have been abducted and killed in a ritualistic manner.

When one of her library assistants becomes a victim, librarian Octavia Otterburn and her friend, historian Jeffrey Thompson set out to solve the murders. It is only as they delve deeper they discover the true magnitude of the problems—and dangers— they face.


Triumph of the Heart is a romantic suspense novel set in the 15th century Wars of the Roses. The theme is becoming who you are, despite all opposition, is the true beginning of happiness.


Dependent upon acceptance, a non-fiction for Pen & Sword. The subject is under discussion.



Tell me about a writing-related event from last year

I wrote my first commission for Pen & Sword Publishing. Crime and Punishment in Tudor England will be published in July 2023. This was a completely new departure for me and stemmed from the Tudor alternate-history-crime books published by Harlequin under the series title The Tudor Enigma.

The book was very intense, but, as a librarian, I loved all the research, but, not unnaturally, found some of the details distressing. While I have made every effort to back up the facts—with over 400 endnotes (that was fun!)—the writing remains informative but with low-key humour. It can be read in sequence or dipped into. There are also snippets of interesting information at the end of each section called Tavern Talk.

It has been received very positively by my editor and the dust-jacket, which will be revealed in due course, is stunning.


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