Penny Grubb

Hi, I’m a writer with a bit of an obsession for puzzles that look impossible but work out in the end. It’s a good obsession for delving into the world of whodunits with all their twists and turns. 

In my day job I wrote academic papers and books; drier than my life of crime, but still dependent upon a strong foundation, solid research and hard facts. 

My police procedural series (Webber & Ahmed) and PI series (Annie Raymond) weave in and around each other being careful to respect the lines of credibility between private and official investigation. 

I also joined forces with another crime writer, also an academic with a special interest in forensic linguistics, to put together our combined years of writing commercial fiction into a practical guide for others.

My alter-ego is a children's writer called Melodie Trudeaux, who majors in magical realism. You can read about her HERE.

Try before you buy! You can dip into my books on the links below:

Book 1 of the Webber/Ahmed police procedurals is Buried Deep

For the rest in the series, read on...

The Annie Raymond PI series goes like this:

The first 3 books (Like False Money - The Jawbone Gang - The Doll Makers) have been re-released as a trilogy, Falling Into Crime.

These books are available separately
Like False Money (available through Fantastic Books Publishing)

The Jawbone Gang and The Doll Makers


Book 4 - Where There's Smoke (due to be re-released in 2023)
Book 5 - Buried Deep, as above, the book where Annie unwittingly crashes Webber's party.

Book 6 - Syrup Trap City, which is also (sort of) book 3 in the Webber/Ahmed series

To the eagle-eyed amongst you who have read down this far, firstly, thank you for getting this far down the page, please get in touch (links below) and say hello; secondly your eagle-eyed-ness will have highlighted an anomaly. The Webber/Ahmed series has jumped from book 1 to 3. Where is book 2? It's here. It's Tiger Blood.

Book 7, the next in the Annie Raymond series is Boxed In. Ahmed and Webber also muscle their way into this one.

For a completely different type of crime novel, try Death By Column Inches, set in the 1990s following a group of 11 year olds from a deprived inner city area as they follow a murder trial.

And here is that toolkit for writers of commercial fiction

Please get in touch, follow my Facebook author page or my blog, send me a Facebook friend request or follow me on Twitter. I'd love to hear from you.

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