Friday 24 October 2014


I am delighted to announce that the second book in The Tudor Enigma, Taste of Treason, will be published on Monday 27th October.

In this second adventure for Luke Ballard, there is a new danger for the Tudor dynasty in the shape of a threat to Queen Madeleine who is pregnant with her first child, the heir Henry IX needs so badly. A series of murders puts the Queen's life at risk and there is only one man Henry can turn to - apothecary, Luke Ballard.

To watch the taster video go here:

Taste of Treason by April Taylor available here:

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Friday 17 October 2014

Krampus Krackers

Madeleine McDonald's story, Advice from the Heart, is one of the twelve flash fiction stories chosen for Tiny Owl Workshop's Krampus Krackers project. Brisbane in Australia and Leeds in Yorkshire will be the setting for a Christmas package with a difference. Unsuspecting visitors to both cities may find themselves offered a traditional Christmas cracker. However, instead of a tacky plastic toy, these crackers will contain a printed story. Instead of a benign Father Christmas, all stories feature the Krampus, the bogeyman of German tradition who punishes naughty children. A contemporary Krampus, re-imagined by twelve contemporary storytellers.  

Saturday 11 October 2014

Celebrating 'Books Are My Bag' #BAMB #BookADayUK

Today in the UK is ‘Event Day’ for Books Are My Bag, raising the profile of both books and bookshops. Over the past few weeks celebrities up and down the country have been posing with their favourite book and the distinctive BAMB bag. As you can see, Hornsea Writers has been doing its bit. And that’s not even all the books members have had published.

If you prefer to talk books from the comfort of your home, or pub, or commute, catch the Twitter feed via #BookADayUK. It’s been running since the beginning of the month with a new theme posted daily.

Linda Acaster and Stuart Aken have taken up the gauntlet and throughout the month are blogging in and around the given themes. Follow their name-links for samples.

But why just read? Why not add your two penn’th to the Twitter feed via its hashtag? Or your four penn’th by blogging about your favourite book. You never know where it might lead.

Friday 3 October 2014

Accident or murder?

This month the murder mystery magazine Over My Dead Body publishes Madeleine McDonald's entertaining tale of village life, Last Resting Place. To find out how a council busybody gets a well-deserved comeuppance, go to: