Saturday 3 September 2016

Book Trailer Anyone?

Amid gearing up for forthcoming book launches, guest-posts, blog spotlights, signings, and panel appearances – shouldn’t writing be in there somewhere? – members have been discussing the merits of Book Trailers.

Some of us have been lucky enough to be provided with one as part of our publisher’s package. Some of us haven’t. To whet your appetite, there's a link to Stuart Aken's The Methuselah Strain HERE.

Across on her blog, Linda Acaster has started a short series HERE on what to consider prior to storyboarding your own, ably supported by that 'man of the moment' from one of the BBC's historical dramas. You know who; he of the smouldering looks, dark chest hair, and far too much open flesh for the period. Enjoy. [The post!]

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