Monday 3 February 2014

Beating Writer's Block - Karen Wolfe

I'm wife, mother, gran-of-six. I have friends, dogs, many interests. I'm also a writer: it's in the DNA, along with my fair skin and curly hair..

Over the years, I've written nine novels, a how-to, and many short stories. So far, so good. Until 2013, when life got in the way. My constant headful of characters, dialogue and plot-lines walked out en masse, leaving a great big Nothing. I'd been stricken with the worst malady a writer can suffer.

Words had abandoned me: I couldn't even manage to read. 'Use it or lose it' is certainly a universal truth. But if my fellow Hornsea Writers thought me a lost cause, they never let on. Nor did they give up on me. Week after week, I listened to their works-in-progress, marvelling that I could ever have been one of them.

It wasn't quick, it wasn't easy. But there did come a blessed moment of: 'I could do that!' A competition entered, a synopsis submitted, a novel resumed. At last, I'm back in the room. And boy, does it feel good.

'Dogsbody', no. 1 in my 'cosy crime' dog-whisperer series, is now with a publisher. Book 2, 'Dogwatch' is complete, and at long last, book 3, 'Dogdays' is well under way.

Find sample chapters, tasters, and short stories at:
'Seers' and 'Seers' Moon' are both available via Amazon.


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  1. Sometimes life fills your brain and saps your energy. It isn't your fault, it just happens. Nobody has ever claimed writing is easy. You need time to dedicate and space to think. Welcome back to Writerland.


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