Saturday 21 September 2019

What to do first. Sometimes a problem for a writer

Some people reading this will laugh, because - hey - we're writers, aren't we? Organised to within an inch of a plot and we work through each book in an orderly fashion, right?

Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

Some people write in several genres and have to change their mindset for each. For someone like me, who writes crime because it is my first love, it is nice to swing the changes occasionally. So, at the moment, in between sorting out our new house, I am (allegedly) re-writing the first in my historical crime series, the Gideon Rooke Chronicles, Loyalty in Conflict. However, I also have a contemporary detective, Georgia Pattison, an early-music soprano. She is currently standing in front of me, hands on hips and with her foot tapping in impatience because I have not yet started her Christmas adventure and time is running short. I have the new title, While Shepherds Watched and, that's about all.

And let us not forget the standalones. The Angel Killer was my first and I have a third of another written, set in 1953, involving an ex-SOE operative. I dare not even start on Sherlock Holmes. Yes, there, too, I have another two plots involving cases mentioned by Watson in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Why? Because, for me, a constant diet of the same thing leads to mental stagnation, rather like a real diet can sometimes lead to frustration because your body becomes used to what you eat all the time and decides not to lose weight.

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