Saturday 16 September 2017

Yes, it's time for the C word! And a cover reveal.

The first draft of 2017's Georgia Pattison Christmas adventure is done. And, better still, the cover is also done.

This year Georgia is asked to sing for the Carol Concert of a small church in the heart of the Malvern Hills. Elgar Country.

Elgar knew every inch of the Malverns and on his sturdy bicycle, Mr Phoebus, was regularly seen riding the highways and byways. He got his inspiration from the countryside and once told a friend that if they were ever walking the hills and heard someone whistling the theme from his 'Cello Concerto that they should not worry, it would only be him.

Georgia's latest adventure features stolen artefacts and an international smuggling ring. Oh, and murder! As usual, it is up to our intrepid and somewhat stroppy heroine to sort through the mess and help DCI Hamilton to the correct solution.

I have more edits to do, of course, but The Bleak Midwinter will be available from all Amazon outlets just before Christmas.

You can read more about April Taylor here:

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