Saturday 13 May 2017

Nostalgia for steam: may it live forever.

I was quite young when most of the rail network disappeared, courtesy of Dr Beeching, may God rot his knickers! The railway ran along the bottom of our garden and I used to go outside specially to watch the 19.03 (yes, I am that pedantic) chug past. Then diesels came in and the magic died a little. Then they took up the railway and the trains were no more.

However, that childhood experience left me with a lifelong love of trains. I won’t be the only person to know the more famous name of the Gresley Pacific 4472 - The Flying Scotsman - for the uninitiated. Nor the only person who strokes the gleaming blue sides of the mighty Mallard. I visit the National Rail Museum in York regularly to get my train fix.

So, when I saw the competition for the Yorkshire Wolds Railway, it was irresistible. I was lucky enough to be long-listed and for my story, Smokescreen to make it into the resulting anthology.

You can read more about my love of steam here:

You can read more about April Taylor here:

Dreaming of Steam: 23 tales of Wolds and rails, published by Fantastic Books Publishing.

Just out by April Taylor:

A standalone crime story

A Georgia Pattison Mystery

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