Saturday 11 February 2017

The Dreaded M word

Marketing. (Pause). I can hear the indrawn breaths from here!

Unfortunately for those of us, and I include me in this, who like writing and just want to crack on with the next book, the M word is now a fact of writing life. Remember Mrs Thatcher and TINA, There Is No Alternative? Well, my writing friends, there truly isn't. Unless, of course, you can afford to make the situation go away and pay somebody else to do it! Which few of us can.

What can we do? My great writing buddy, Seumas Gallacher - who wrote the great little e-book 

Self-Publishing Steps To Successful Sales - makes play of the difference between marketing your books and marketing yourself. 

The first can get terminally boring if all your FaceBook and Twitter feeds amount to please buy my book. However, we still have to do some marketing on our books. I found, initially through the displacement therapy of playing instead of writing, that promo videos are a good way to be just that bit different.

Videos? (Another indrawn breath). Yes, and they are not that difficult if you approach the exercise in the right way and decide to have a bit of fun. So, next time your Main Character isn't behaving as you would like, why not take an hour out and begin to explore making your own promo video for the book you are writing. 

To see how I make my promotional videos, go to:

You can read more about April Taylor here:

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