Saturday 28 January 2017

...promises to keep...

Boris Johnson said - It is easy to make promises - it is hard work to keep them

My Sherlock Holmes pastiche Sherlock Holmes & The Oakwood Grange Affair has just been published in e-book format on Amazon.

Why did I write it? To keep a promise made 40 years ago this year to one of my tutors. Why did she ask me to make this promise? Because I chose the difference in language and metaphor between the Holmes stories before his supposed demise in the Reichenbach falls and those after his ‘resurrection’. Comparison in language and metaphor etc. is not new in literary/academic circles. What startled all the course tutors was the fact that I chose the Holmes canon as a vehicle for the study.

Did I choose these stories as a backlash against academic snobbery and the regard of popular fiction, my definition of which is that many people read it, as something beneath contempt? No, not a bit. I had two dissertations to write, one on librarianship and the other on English Literature. I wanted to make one of them a thoroughly enjoyable exercise. And it was.

To read more, go to my blog and get the full story…
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