Saturday 24 December 2016

Christmas short stories and other adventures

It is now the fashion for authors to write a seasonal short story featuring their series characters. Having written my first Christmas short story for the Georgia Pattison Mysteries, I have learned a few lessons I feel compelled to share. Hopefully other authors will take note and readers will understand the complexities of the unplanned writing life.

To my fellow writers, I say write the blessed thing in July and get it all prepared ready to upload. Make sure the cover is done and sorted. Don't be like me who didn't and, were it not for the immense kindness of Karri Klawiter who designs all the Georgia Pattison Mystery covers, I would even now be tearing out what few handfuls of hair remain on my head.

Electing to have a new kitchen put in on Christmas week was not my finest decision, either. However, I have not done as some do and decided to move house. The up-side of the kitchen chaos is that we are eating out for a few days, which is fine by me.

Back to the story. I have decided it is high time our Georgia found a bit of romance. Only a bit, because after all, she is a singer and part-time detective. In this story, she meets the dysfunctional Broome family who own Gunmere Hall. Needless to say, there is murder and mayhem and music.

If you enjoy a skilfully plotted mystery, The Midnight Clear, the latest instalment in the Georgina Pattison Mystery series, is for you. And, to enhance your enjoyment, links to the music featured in the story are included.

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