Friday 4 November 2016

An Alternative Life on Mars?

Some readers shy away from science fiction, yet have read and enjoyed ‘1984’, ‘Brave New World’ and other science fiction classics. This genre is devoted to more than just ‘space opera’. In the case of Stuart Aken’s most recent novel, published by FantasticBooks Publishing, the story of the struggle against the evils of extremism are set on Mars.
This near neighbour of Earth is the most likely destination for colonisation beyond of our own world. And it may well happen sooner rather than later. As Earth becomes a more challenging environment for humanity, drought, flooding, increased wildfires, powerful typhoons and hurricanes, and lethal battles for essential resources will inevitably cause conflict here. Mars may well become the only viable alternative for human life if we fail to stop our current descent into chaos on our home planet.
Meticulously researched, and peopled by a cast of characters easy to empathise with, Blood Red Dust examines the possible life for pioneers on the Red Planet whilst telling a tense and thoughtful story full of action and replete with examples of human relationships.
It’s available now in both digital and paperback versions. Although the official launch is due to take place at Fantasticon 2016 in Hull on 19thNovember, you can obtain the book now by clicking this link. 

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