Sunday 27 March 2016

A Plea for Help and a New Anthology Alert!

My current WIP is in need of some assistance. I’ve posted a small piece on my blog, requesting input from readers and writers to stimulate my fast shrinking grey matter to produce some apposite expletives to replace those that are inevitably religiously based. Head over to my blog, here, to lend this failing brain a hand, please.
On a more positive note, I was asked some time ago to contribute a short story to a new science fiction anthology. Since it was for my brilliant publisher, Dan Grubb, of Fantastic Books Publishing, I was happy to oblige. By coincidence, Dan was also about to publish the ebook version of my scifi novella, The Methuselah Strain, as a hardback print book and we both thought the occasion called for some added value to the original. I combined both features by writing a new episode for the novella and then converted that event into a standalone short story for the new anthology.

The anthology, Synthesis, a collection of 27 science fiction stories from many different authors, has now been published by Fantastic Books Publishing. You’ll find a review of the book, together with a buying link, by clicking here.

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