Saturday 7 March 2015

The Joy of Quick Reads

The rise of e-books has spawned another phenomenon, the quick read. Sometimes called Singles or Novellas, they provide a beguiling introduction to an author you haven’t yet discovered, or a taste of a subject for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Quick reads are a taster. You can get through one in less than an hour, depending on how fast you read and you can also find some gems. If you don’t like the author, then you can cross him/her off your list. If you do, you have a whole new range of full-length books to discover.

The triumph of quick reads over the partial book examples that can be downloaded is that the reader gets the whole story, not just the first part. How many books have you read that started so well and went downhill? With short reads, you, the reader, find out how the author builds to a denouement and how well rounded the story is.

Linda Acaster has written a chiller called “The Paintings” – available for pre-order here To be published on 19th March, it is a 17000 word novella that gives a perfect introduction to the power of her writing and evocation of creeping suspense. At £0.99, it is a ideal starting point for a new reader to her full-length novels.

April Taylor is also planning a quick read as an introduction to her Georgia Pattison Mysteries. Set in Whitby, “Whistles After Dark” will be available later in the spring.

So, try some short reads. You never know what gems you may find.

You can find out more about Linda Acaster here:

And April Taylor here:

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