Saturday 12 July 2014


Years ago I learnt a neat technique for writing a short sharp focussed pitch for a novel.

Once I started using this technique to pitch my work I never had a straight rejection. I was always asked for more. That wasn’t the end of obstructions in my route to publication because I taught myself to write a brilliant pitch before I learnt how to write a brilliant book, so hey-ho, I still got the rejections, but they came further along the way.

In later years once I’d cracked the book thing, I recorded this neat trick for creating a pitch along with several other neat tricks for writing the book and with a co-author recorded them in a book all of their own.

The book is for sale from the link below, but the neat pitch technique is reproduced HERE FOR FREE. If you like it, please spread the word, leave me some comments and go and buy the book.

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  1. Interesting stuff; well worth following the link for the more detailed information.


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