Friday 2 May 2014

Writers Have Two Heads

Well you would think so from the side-long looks we often get, which is one of the reasons writers tend to band together. Sometimes it’s for understanding, sometimes for learning, sometimes for career networking. Always it is for mutual support. This is Hornsea Writers in a nutshell.

On 26th May member April Taylor has her first novel with Carina Press launched into the world. Today the group embarks on a weekly Writer’s Reveal which during the intervening period will lead to a look inside April's second head.

But today it is the turn of Linda Acaster, who on 9th May will be handing over to member Stuart Aken, and also outsider VM Jaskiernia. Both write Fantasy, but very different types. Catch their bios and links on Linda Acaster’s 'Writer's Reveal' post.

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