Tuesday 11 March 2014

Book Launch: 'The Bull At The Gate' by Linda Acaster

The past weekend saw the launch of Book 2 in the Torc of Moonlight trilogy of occult romantic thrillers, The Bull At The Gate, so it has been a manic few days of Tweets, blogging, Facebook chats, email groups, LinkedIn updates and... and I've almost lost count - or would have done if I hadn't been keeping a journal. 

It's the first of my ebooks that has come out to a planned launch rather than a damp gasp, and I am intent on seeing if the effort makes any difference. So far the novel has gained a clutch of 5* reviews and hit No 3 on the AmazonUK Crime, Thriller & Mystery> Suspense>Occult chart, leaving me rather glassy-eyed.

I'm partway through a blog tour - another first - and there's a list on my website. Fellow Hornsea Writer Stuart Aken offered to host the first, Writing About Alternate Realities. There's still time to participate.

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