Friday 28 July 2023

Blink and You Missed It


I have always enjoyed the challenge of telling a complete story within the discipline of a tight world count. It's up to readers to join the dots and complete what is left unsaid. This week Vine Leaves Press published my story below in their long-running 50-word micro-fiction series.


The Old Dog 

His uncle left everything to charity and he inherited the cantankerous dog. It was old, with a weeping eye. He paid the vet’s bills and gave it food but no love. They lived in mute, reproachful companionship until the dog died and the man mourned a life of failed relationships.

Not only are the stories short, they are also short-lived. One a day online. Then it vanishes, replaced by the next offering. A smorgasbord of light-hearted, sombre, wise or witty stories. Yet come the end of the year, they will re-appear in anthology form. 

In the meantime, fans of bite-sized fiction can sign up for their daily dose at

Madeleine McDonald







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