Friday 9 September 2022

The mystery of the missing Mystery – Out now! The paperback of THE FOREVER HOUSE


Global Link to The Forever House in paperback & ebook, and free to read with Kindle Unlimited

The paperback of The Forever House is finally live. It is a psychological suspense novel, 
 “...a gripping mystery full of twists and turns…”

Caroline Haynes and her husband are serial house renovators, never enjoying the fruits of their labours, always selling on their completed properties to start afresh on a new project. The Forever House was built in the early 1920s, and was to be their final project, their true home.

But life happens, and things don’t quite go according to plan. While scraping away wallpaper in a bedroom, Carrie uncovers a poignant message from the past. Yet, the more she thinks about it, the darker the connotations become. Family members believe she’s making something out of nothing. Carrie believes otherwise and determines to discover the truth of it. But who is there to ask, except the house itself? She starts with the Deeds, if she can find them.

...Reading the inked imprints of a manual typewriter was like going back in time: the conveyance between the builder and the first buyer, the landowner and the builder, the faded copperplate handwriting of a previous land conveyance, J. Tunstall, Esq, Farmer. The names of vendors and purchasers were all present, just as they would be on the deeds to this house. So where were the deeds to this house?

As anyone who has bought a property in the UK will know, the Deed of Title is kept electronically by the Land Registry – there is no need of the historic documents marking its journey through time. When we bought our 1950s house, our solicitor asked us, almost as an afterthought, if we wanted the historic conveyances, otherwise they would be destroyed.

Destroyed?! Apart from my intake of breath being heard in the next town, I couldn’t get my hands on them fast enough. And I was right to claim them. The depth of information they hold is fascinating.

When Carrie Haynes is gifted information about The Forever House, more questions are generated than answered – some causing echoes closer to home, and far closer to the present.

The Forever House is now available as an ebook to purchase, is free to read within a Kindle Unlimited subscription, and finally to read in good old, dependable, paperback.

Enjoy your reading - Linda Acaster

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