Friday 7 May 2021

So you want to write a crime novel. Part 5: Plot and Theme

 Many would-be writers are put off by writing terminology. This is a shame because writing is just that. Most people learned it at school, some in further education and some later in life. 

But writing fiction is the modern version of the ancient tales around the fire. We have learned to write it down and other people who have skills we don't always possess can take that written story and publish it.

Two of the basic requirements once you have chosen your genre are Plot and Theme. All novels of whatever genre have a theme and this is something that is not always clearly explained.

In the fifth part of my year-long series on writing a crime novel, I cover both plot and theme in a way I hope people will understand. If you read it and say 'Oh, that's what it means, I have done my job.

If you are interested in reading about how to plot your novel and discover the theme of it, you can read my blog HERE

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