Sunday 16 October 2016

Ghoulies, Ghosties, and Things Called Conventions

October is the month of darker days and longer nights and ...Conventions... though for Linda Acaster it started late in apple-ripening September.
A participant from at Hull HorrorFest 

First up was a trip to Scarborough for FantasyCon, an annual event from the British Fantasy Society, and a more organised extravaganza for readers and writers of Speculative Fiction is difficult to imagine. Read about her observations HERE.

Bridlington ComicCon was an eye-opener, too, a surreal world filled with fictional characters made life through cosplayers, and actors from the silver screen alternating between normal life and their alter egos. And comics. And graphic novels. Yes, there’s a difference.

And so, [cue eerie music and bolts of lightning] in the march to Halloween came Hull HorrorFest. Was it Zombies Gone Mad or Dracula Meets the Salem Witches? Was the occasional novel-writer to be seen cowering behind a pile of books? Read about HERE.

Drifting towards us on a distinctly rank perfume is the actual celebration that is known to us as Halloween. Will Linda Acaster survive it? Or has she something suitably macabre hidden in a locked box? Ah, is this a key? Shall we...?

Perhaps not until the 31st.

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