Saturday 16 July 2016

The all new Dearly Ransomed Soul

When I was in my writing "salad days", I discovered an Arts Council scheme for new writers. My first Georgia Pattison Mystery was then about half done, so I quickly finished it and sent it to YouWriteOn and the book was duly published by Legend Press in 2008.

But coming back to it a few years later, I found so much wrong with the book that I felt compelled, not to just give it a severe edit, but also to provide a new killer for those who had bought the paper version. It is now also set in the cathedral city of Worcester, England.

That proved to be more difficult than actually writing a new book from scratch, especially as, in the intervening years, I had learned so much about my craft. However, eventually, I sorted it all out and I can now reveal the all new Dearly Ransomed Soul is now live on Amazon and Smashwords.

For readers who are new to Georgia, I can also recommend Whistles After Dark, an introductory novella - 23,000 words and £0.99/$1.42.

If you like music with your crime, you will love Dearly Ransomed Soul. You can find out more about the book itself on my blog

 Dearly Ransomed Soul, the first in the Georgia Pattison mystery series.

April Taylor writes historical and contemporary crime fiction. You can find her via the links below.

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