Saturday 21 February 2015

The Tudor Enigma 3: Mantle of Malice

Two days to launch day for April Taylor’s third book in The Tudor Enigma.

In Mantle of Malice, Luke finds himself up against the dreaded inner circle of sunderers, Custodes Tenebris. Not only have they decided Henry IX must be driven from the throne, but Dominus elemancer, Luke Ballard must also be disposed of.

The baby Prince of Wales is abducted and Luke is ordered to find him. A journey to Luke’s home county of Lincolnshire ends in tragedy and Luke himself is ambushed by the enemy and seriously wounded. All that and he has fallen desperately in love…

Mantle of Malice: published by Carina Press on 23rd February 2015.

Book 2 - Taste of Treason

You can find out more about April Taylor here:

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