Saturday 6 September 2014

Publishers' Sales?

Yes, on occasion publishers do put their authors' books on sale price with selected retailers. The planets have aligned for Hornsea Writers and two members have books on offer until 28 September:

Annie Wilkinson's Sing Me Home is currently £1.49 in the Sainsbury's ebook store so if you read ebooks in the ePub format here's a great read in the Family Saga genre.

Ginny Wilde yearns to experience more than being the wife of the Durham coalfields and is determined to use her fine singing voice to her advantage. But are the bright lights of the London music halls - and their unscrupulous managers - more than her fiery spirit can cope with? 

April Taylor's Court of Conspiracy, the first in The Tudor Enigma series, is down to 99c on, £1.11 on, plus other territories, for all Kindle e-reading devices/apps. For a Mystery/Alternative History this is a fine introduction to the period's widespread belief in magic most other historicals ignore.

King Henry IX, son of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, holds the balance of European power in his Protestant hands, but his enemies are many and various. Luke Ballard, people's apothecary in the Outer Green of Hampton Court Palace and still training in his secret role as Elemancer, finds the welfare of the Tudor crown - and England itself - could depend on him alone.

Great reads both. Give them a spin while they are on offer.

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