Wednesday 16 April 2014

So much to do, no time to write!

April Taylor's take on the modern reality for writers.

In the golden age of fiction, the author worked at his/her desk, stroking the muse and sending off the manuscript to the agent or publisher. The publisher did the promo/marketing while the author got on with the next book. No more. In today's world, even if you have an agent and publisher, the promotion and marketing of your book takes centre stage. From organising blog tours, to tweeting, facebooking, making podcasts and videos, the author is expected to do all that and write the next book, too.

"Court of Conspiracy" the first in The Tudor Enigma series is due for release by Carina Press on 26th May 2014. I have a month and 10 days to try and raise not just my profile but the book's profile, too. All that and I am trying to write book 4, formulate a pitch for 3 more books and a Christmas short to my agent and remember that I am a human being not a human doing.

When I read that most authors make less than £600/annum and we have to wear so many hats simultaneously, I will leave you to imagine my reaction to the plumber's comment when he found out I was a writer - "I thought you lot were all millionaires." And yes, he is still living!

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