Karen Wolfe

Hi, I'm Karen, author of the 'Seers' comic-fantasy series featuring Granny Beamish, and the Georgie Crane dog-whisperer 'cosy' crime trilogy.

I have also written 'This is your pack-leader speaking', a humorous training guide for the hapless dog-owner (runner-up in the 2007 Winchester Annual Writers' Conference competitions slim volume, small edition  category) as well as 'Blackrigg', a gothic melodrama with Very Bad Fairies.

Humour is very much my thing, although I have occasionally veered over to the Dark Side, firstly with 'Squirrels', which won the 2008 BBC Radio 4 Northern Writers short story competition and also the Aesthetica Literary Prize in the same year, and secondly with 'Sparrowbane' which won the 2010 Village Writers award. In between, it was back to my default setting  for 'Mooncall', also broadcast by BBC Radio 4 in 2009. In 2011, 'Kim' placed second in the American Kennel Club short story contest. You will deduce that I have an even bigger thing for dogs/wolves! I am currently working on 'Dog-Days', the third book in the Georgie Crane series.
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'Dogsbody', Book 1 of the Georgie Crane comi-crime trilogy, is out now in Kindle and paperback formats, both available from Amazon.


 Also in paperback format:

Meet Granny Beamish: telepathic, telekinetic, Highmistress of the Seers' Guild, and scary with it. It's all about Mindpower: if she thinks you into rodency, you'd better watch that cat of hers!

War has been declared on the Guilds: some renegade Seer is systematically destroying them, burning out minds and turning them into Outsiders....just like you and me.As Tukesley Meredith, man of of honour, battles the troublesome succuba that haunts his bed, the Unsighted are on the move, and the last pair of breeding unicorns hunted for its unique Essence. Can the hapless CrackCrack squad decide the Battle of Brim Knap?

Can Granny and her dwindling band of allies defeat the odious Undermaster Coy (only in it for the sex-toys and the Ceremonial Underpants) and his chocoholic, control-freak Boss before the unicorns are dogmeat and the Seers' heritage is lost forever?

SEERS  is available in paperback format.www.amazon.co.uk

Kenneth is a man in denial about his alter-ego, Warg, the were-wimp who rises every full moon...and he can't even claim Disability one week in four! 

Warg/Kenneth is running scared: pursued by cats, geese, aggressive sheep and the council's specially-launched Wolf Patrol, along with something much, much worse: Killer Calhoun, merciless bounty-hunter, who likes pulling the wings off fairies, and will stop at nothing to add a werewolf-pelt to his gruesome collection of dead supernaturals. 

Can Granny, aided by her own Mindpower, one motheaten mongrel and two ravenous griffons, save Warg from himself, and from that old, irresistible moon? 

SEERS' MOON is available in paperback format.                            

'SQUIRRELS', first broadcast on BBC Radio 4, won this literary anthology short-story award.

Winifred-May, institutionalised at the age of thirteen for 'moral degeneracy' lives out her days locked into her own private hell. She lives vicariously through the squirrels inhabiting the grounds of the crumbling hospital.

When their very existence is threatened by a malign  new staff-member, things look hopeless. Can one frail old lady restore her fragile peace and save her only friends?

'Mooncall', also broadcast on BBC Radio 4, was featured in this American short story anthology.

Adapted from 'Seers' Moon', it follows the unfortunate Warg, reluctant werewolf, as he seeks to escape his destiny and return to the comfy, slippered, cardigan-ed existence of Kenneth, the man he was before it all went wrong.

Full moon, and the Wolf Patrol is closing in. Will Granny Beamish, Perilla Pearce, trainer of mythical animals, and Kenneth's long-suffering sister Betty get there first, or will Warg howl his last?

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